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Yesterday I celebrated my first anniversary as a blogger for academiPad. It all started with realizing that, as a Marketing PhD student, I really should blog:

It has been exactly one academic year since academiPad was reborn in January 2012. On the last Sunday before university would pick up again after the holidays, I finally put a New Year’s resolution into practice: I started blogging.


Just about ten days earlier I realized that, being a PhD student in Marketing, I really had no excuse not to participate in this global phenomenon that so radically is reshaping consumption and marketing alike. Maybe ten years ago, it was permissible to procrastinate watching TV – after all, you had to keep in touch with advertising in order to inform your studies in marketing! But when was the last time you watched a full block of commercials? Me too. Today, in order to stay on top of what is happening in marketing, you have to participate in the creation and curation of content, in the exchange of ideas, in word of mouth, in the chatter of social media, and even in the modest gains of affiliate marketing. As a PhD student in marketing, you have to be a blogger.

And it really payed off: I feel more connected to the hyper-connected world than ever. I started using twitter, to curate content that is relevant to my research, and I am feeling confident enough to share my ideas and insights on research and teaching on this blog. It is now possible to find my webpage when you google for my name.

For more info of what motivated me to blog and how it helped me to better understand the post-Draper world of marketing, you can read the original academiPad Festschrift here. It also gives you a little preview on what articles you can look forward to in 2013.