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Green Marketing, or Sustainable Marketing, has always been a special interest for me. Recently, I had the opportunity to give a guest lecture on this topic to a group of Environmental Science students at Queen’s University. They were a great crowd (thank you guys so much!), but they were also very sceptical towards marketing. I anticipated this before going in, so I designed the guest lecture in a way to win them over and to become marketers.

Why would they not think I was insane? Because of changing social, technological, environmental, political trends, and changing value systems, wise marketers today know that they should embrace sustainability in order to achieve a competitive advantage.

I kicked off the guest lecture by asking the crowd who is interested in a career in marketing – and I only got some laughter back. At the end of session, I asked the same question again. This time, I saw some arms being reluctantly, but confidently, raised towards the ceiling.

Here’s the slideshow via Slideshare: