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  • Serious writing with iPad: What keyboard case fits your writing style?
  • Sente vs. Papers: What is the best PDF management system?
  • “Must-have” iPad accessories you should NOT buy: Screen Protectors
  • The ultimate guide on how to annotate PDF files on the iPad
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Writing on the iPad

Writing in the wild: Unleash your flow with a keyboard for the iPad

I am finding more and more that the iPad is a really great tool for writing sessions. However, if you are planning to write for an extended period of time, you're going to need an external keyboard. In this post, I am discussing … [Read More...]


Adonit Jot: A stylus optimized for precision

Adonit Jot: The Best Stylus for Academics

The stylus is making a huge come back nowadays. New forms and shapes have proliferated over the last few years, begging the question: what is the best stylus for academics? I personally think that Adonit's Jot is the best stylus out there … [Read More...]

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Get 22GB of free cloud storage with Copy

Have you maxed out your Dropbox folder? Is your Google Drive filled up? No need to buy more cloud storage! Just check out Copy, a new online storage service which gives you 20GB of free cloud storage in three easy steps: Sign up for Copy's free plan by following this link. Validate your email address […]

Annotate and organize the web with Diigo

Use Diigo to annotate and organize the web

Do you sometimes wonder how people were doing research in the pre-internet age? I do this quite often, and do you know what I am thinking right after? How the hell did I do research on the web before I knew about Diigo?!! Diigo is one of my core information management tools. Some people call […]

Speed up slow iPad

Seven simple tricks to impressively speed up slow iPads

Remember the day when you took your iPad out of its box for the first time? How fast it ran? How snappy it was? Yeah, those were the days. For me, these days are long over; I am still rocking a first gen iPad that is getting a little old after more than three years […]

Copernicus wasn't a great fan of superstitious beliefs - what would he have said to the "clear-the-multitasking-bar" myth?

Stop wasting time closing all apps in the multitasking bar – it’s a myth

Many people on the web, including some “Geniuses” working in Apple stores, claim that you should regularly clear out all the apps from the multitasking bar in order to speed app your iPad and to preserve battery. I will tell you a secret: it’s a myth – so save yourself the time and don’t do […]

Is the Nexus 10 killing the iPad 4?

Android vs. iPad: What platform will be the long-term winner?

Once upon a time, one tablet ruled over the post-PC world, and this tablet was called iPad. Competing Android tablets soon entered the market, but an “iPad Killer” was nowhere to be found. Life was simple. However, three years after the first iPad has been unveiled, the tablet world is rapidly shifting. Microsoft entered the […]

Happy Birthday, academiPad!

Being a Blogger for 12 Months: A Festschrift in Honour of academiPad

It has been exactly one academic year since academiPad was reborn in January 2012. On the last Sunday before university would pick up again after the holidays, I finally put a New Year’s resolution into practice: I started blogging. Just about ten days earlier I realized that, being a PhD student in Marketing, I really […]

Stylish iPad case

Looking for a stylish iPad case? Check out these 9 beauties!

The iPad’s sleek design is one of the main reason why I am so fond of this particular tablet. I simply enjoy a beautiful design, and I always found that a stylish iPad case can add, not distract, to the overall iPad experience. This post is a running list of beautiful iPad cases that I […]

Designer QR code

How to use QR codes in research and teaching

Nowadays it is hard to not see QR codes printed in advertisements, on products, and everywhere else. QR codes are one of the biggest trends in marketing right now, and you might wonder: can QR codes be of any use for academics? I say yes, and I urge you to use your own QR code […]

Reeder for Mac, iPad and iPhone

Reeder: RSS Readers for iPad, iPhone, and Mac

Where do you go to find the latest information of your interests? Twitter may be the best place to find the constantly updated site of news and rumours, and Facebook Pages and groups start playing a similar role to seed out information to us. While these two sources are useful if we use them strategically, they can […]

Productive Macs

Productive Macs bundle: TextExpander and data management apps for 30 bucks (review)

Productive Macs is back with another app bundle, this time offering 9 apps for 30 bucks! That’s a steep saving compared to the $239 you would have to spend for buying all these apps individually, no doubt, but lets be honest: who would do this? In my opinion, huge savings (87%!) look great on the […]

Best iPad apps for university

The 30 Best iPad apps for college students and academics (part 3)

Welcome to the grand finale of my personally favorite 30 iPad apps for everybody in academia, university and college. This time, I am focusing on the best iPad apps for Organizing and Enjoying life in academia. This series is different from most collections you will find online. Often, the usual iPad apps everybody knows are thrown […]

Best iPad apps for college students and academics (part 2)

The 30 Best iPad apps for university students and academics (part 2)

This is the second part of my list of the 30 best iPad apps for university students, postdocs, lecturers and professors. The idea of this list is to really focus on core workflows in academia, and to see what iPad apps can improve our productivity in these workflows. You heard right: This list is about […]

Best iPad apps for college students and academics

The 30 Best iPad apps for college students and academics

It is this special time of the year again: We are going back to school. And whether you are a college student or a tenured professor, or anything in between (yay Grad students!), you might be asking yourself what iPad apps you could download to get the most out of your iPad. This is my […]

Grandview minimalist writing app

Grandview: A radically simplistic writing app for the Mac

Grandview might be the strangest writing app on your Mac. I really have a lot of writing apps: Pages, Mellel, ByWord, iA Writer, and OmmWriter to get into the flow. I know I am an addict. But today, I found out about Grandview, and none of my previous apps are like it. Its secret: It only […]

Quicktime Keynote conference talk

How to Present a Mac Keynote on the Conference Room’s PC

Keynote for Mac is a great app for conference presentation. No doubt, you can kill people with Keynote as much as you can with Powerpoint or Prezi. But if you know what you are doing, Keynote allows you create slick looking presentations that wow your audience away. The only problem is: Most conference rooms run […]