OS X Mountain Lion will streamline your workflow

OS X Mountain LionAre you still sporting the lion photo as your wallpaper on your Mac? Yes? Go on, you can leave it just a little bit longer. Until summer rolls around, and it is time to say ‘Goodbye Lion’ and shout out a warm welcome to Apple’s new OS 10.8: Mountain Lion.

Apple has announced that their new Mac OS will be released sometimes this coming summer, just a year after the release of its current OS, Lion.

There are a couple of reviews out on this topic. MG Siedler from TechCrunch reports on his experience of using an initial demo version of OS X Mountain Lion, and Engadget also published an in-depth preview of Mountain Lion. You can read through these, but here comes the main point:

Mountain Lion will fully integrate your Mac and iOS devices.

Here at academiPad, issues such as device integration, syncing, and cloud-based workflows are close to our hearts. I am a PDF Management Yoda myself; that’s why I am very excited about Mountain Lion coming out.

OS X Mountain Lion will finally bring full iCloud support to the Mac.

OS X Mountain Lion will finally bring full iCloud support to the Mac.

The biggest feature for me is likely going to be the long-wanted full iCloud integration. Right now, iCloud is rather an iOS thing, as you have to access and upload your files over a webpage when working with your Mac-machine. With Mountain Lion, you can save, access, and sort your files on iCloud straight from your Finder. MG Siedler explains:

“In iOS 5, apps like Pages take advantage of automatic saving to iCloud. With OS X Mountain Lion, the circle is complete as all documents in the iWork suite of apps will save this way as well. In Finder, you’ll actually now see a realtime list of all your documents stored in iCloud sorted by application. And you can create folders of documents simply by dragging one on top of another.”

Sounds like Apple will finally catch up with dropbox.

Other cool things include unified Messages, Reminders and Notes apps, the Notification Center, Sharing and Tweeting integration, and AirPlay Mirroring. Sounds familiar? It is, because these features come straight out of iOS 5.

OS X Mountain Lion will turn your HDTV into a gigantic canvas for displaying and conceptualizing your ideas.

OS X Mountain Lion will turn your HDTV into a gigantic canvas for displaying and conceptualizing your ideas.

For academics, this announcement offers two things: First, you will be able to streamline your reading and writing workflows across your devices. You can store your writing projects in Mountain Lion easily in iCloud, and you likely will be able to synchronize your reading list between Mac and iPad through the unified sharing buttons (similar to how you can do it today through services such as Instapaper).

The second interesting thing for everybody working in the knowledge sector is the announcement that AirPlay Mirroring comes to the Mac. This means that you will be able to push your entire desktop to your HDTV; turning your TV into one gigantic monitor that gives you plenty of space to display and conceptualize your ideas. Let’s hope that developers of apps to conceptualize ideas, like MindNode and other Mindmapping apps, will come up with clever ways how to make use of this new feature!

Update: Here is the promo video Apple put online:


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