Pop for iOS: A new minimal word processor

Patrick Rhone over at minimalmac is saying for years that less is more when it comes to apps. Needless to say that I think he is on to something with this, as I am a big fan of distraction free writing apps such as Byword, iA Writer, and OmmWriter.His newest venture is the development of Pop for iOS with Minimal Tools.

As you can read on their homepage, Minimal Tools are

“A development team and consultancy focused on delivering purpose driven applications and products. Our philosophy: Feature number one should always be as few features as needed to perform the primary purpose.”

Sounds good so far, but I am less impressed with their first product: Pop for iOS ($0.99, iTunes link). You can get similar apps with better cloud integration for free (e.g., Simplenote, about which I will write more soon). Also, Pop for iOS has no Mac equivalent like ByWord or iA Writer. Your writing is therefore a little bit trapped on your iPad or iPhone, which is counter-productive to a tight integration between your devices.

Pop for iOSI am a little surprised, since I am following Patrick Rohne’s blog for a while now (and I recommend you to check it out, too). Maybe the problem is that this particular space – note taking and distraction free writing – is pretty busy already. My hope is that the new development team has a one or the other ace in their sleeves, and that future apps will radically simplify other areas that suffer from feature overkill.

But for now, while I am staying a reader of Patrick Rhone’s blog, the dollar stays in my pocket.

By the way, what is your favorite note making app on the iPad or the iPhone? Are you working with Apple’s native app, or are you using a third-party app? Please let us know in the comments.

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