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Lifehacker recently published an article about the iPad as a creative tool. While their article mostly focuses on creatives in the areas of design, music, and film, it is worth reading it as it busts the myth that the iPad is for content consumption only. I also share the link here because it relates to an article for academiPad which discusses the role of the iPad as a creative tool for academics. Hint: The iPad is one of our tools for content creation, and it is all about integrating the iPad into our workflows.

The Lifehacker article gives a little glimpse on how the iPad can be used for content creation for academic-type creatives:

“A writer, for instance, can benefit from using a tablet because it provides a nearly distraction-free environment. Our own Adam Pash talked about using Simplenote for a syncing plain-text writing system that works great for longform writing. In my case, I use iA Writer as a means to the same ends. It doesn’t work for everything, but if I just need to sit down and write without internet access the iPad is a key component in my toolkit.”

academiPad has also discussed several distraction free writing apps, including iA Writer, OmmWriter, and my personal favorite, Byword.

iPad with external keyboard

An external keyboard is a great investment for writing longer pieces on the iPad.

The iPad: One more tool for content creation

At the end, the lifehacker article comes to the same conclusion as academiPad’s “iPad vs. laptop” article:

“The iPad doesn’t replace a computer. It’s a piece of an ever-expanding toolkit for content creation.”

For more info how this is the case in academia, please check my take on the “iPad vs. laptop” debate here.

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