Bluetooth Manager: Another great tool that wasn’t around for very long [update: pulled]

Do you remember Bluetooth On/Off academiPad wrote about two weeks ago? The app that lets you switch your BT status on the iPhone and iPad on or off with only one click, instead of digging three levels deep into the setting menu? Yeah, that app is gone. Apple pulled it finally, as everybody expected it due to its use of private APIs and the violation of Apple’s rule that no app shall switch off bluetooth. But you must not worry: Bluetooth On/Off still works, and there is already a new app out for those who missed it: Bluetooth Manager

If you got Bluetooth On/Off in the short time it was available, you can still use it and continue to use it on future devices as long as you stored a backup in your iTunes library. I just checked the app on my iPhone, and it is still working fine. And of course it also still sits in my iTunes safe house. So I have no buyer’s regret here. In the contrary! I grew really fond of this little app and the magic it does with switching on and off bluetooth in no time.

UPDATE: Bluetooth Manager went the same way Bluetooth ON/Off did… gone! Where is the next BT app, please??

UPDATE 2: Have you considered using a bluetooth keyboard to turn your iPad into the ultimate writing machine? Check out my ultimate guide for finding an iPad keyboard case that perfectly fits your writing style.


Bluetooth Manager kicks off Round 2 of the Bluetooth Games

Bluetooth ManagerBut now it is getting absurd: Apple pulled Bluetooth On/Off a few days ago, but yesterday it approved a new app: Bluetooth Manager ($1, iTunes link, hat tip to Danny who brought this to my attention). This app has pretty much the same functionality, although it is pretty sparse with its description in the Appstore:

  • Switch Bluetooth on/off with one single click
  • Schedule Bluetooth on/off at different times
  • Toggle Bluetooth on/off with push messages

Bluetooth Manager needs one more step than Bluetooth On/Off to toggle your bluetooth status (In the settings of the latter, you can make the app toggle the bluetooth status and close itself automatically upon opening, which makes Bluetooth On/Off really a one-tap way to toggle the bluetooth status). AppShopper describes how Bluetooth Manager needs one more step for doing the same trick:

Bluetooth Manager also offers a toggle in Settings […] where you can choose to have the app close itself automatically upon toggling the Bluetooth on/off switch within the app. This requires one more step than the short-lived Bluetooth OnOff, which could turn Bluetooth on and off simply by being opened, but it’s still a couple of steps less than going to Settings, scrolling to General, selecting Bluetooth and tapping again to turn it on or off as needed.

But even though Bluetooth Manager finishes one step behind its predecessor, it is still a faster solution than using the standard iOS Settings menu.

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In addition, Bluetooth Manager lets you pre-define certain times at which you would like to have BT switched on or off.

In short, Bluetooth Manager is certainly as good as Bluetooth On/Off, and it will be most certainly pulled by Apple at some time, too. So if you are using any bluetooth device (external keyboard, headset, loudspeaker; see my original post about Bluetooth On/Off ) on a regular basis, it is a really good idea to invest the Dollar into this little tool.

I find the now pulled but still working Bluetooth On/Off app to be a great value. And as long as you store Bluetooth Manager in your local iTunes library, you will be still able to install this app on future devices even after it got pulled by Apple.

Don’t wait, buy it now. It is worth it.

I just wish that somebody would trick Apple into approving an app that also adds geo-awareness to the mix. Imagine you could define your bluetooth status to be On on campus, but Off at home. Or even better yet: Maybe Apple could just lift the embargo from the bluetooth status and end the cat and mouse game that is currently going on with Bluetooth On/Off, Bluetooth Manager, and themselves?

Oh well, these are dreams…

Has anybody bought Bluetooth Manager (or the previous Bluetooth On/Off)? Please give your praise and critique in the comments, so that all the others can decide whether its worth it.

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