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  1. Nelia says:

    Here’s what I found after trying a mlutitude of styluses (or is it styli?) after buying an iPad 2. I wanted to use an iPad as a sketch book and the pad like it’s name and go digital rather than filling up notebook after notebook. So the perfect stylus has to feel like a pen and work well enough on the screen to give the tactile feel of drawing or writing on paper. I learned that styluses tips are of 2 main types fuzzy fabric and rubber with some additional quirky ones made of metal (O-Stylus)or the sausage stylus (sausage also works like your finger!) Fabric tips: Pogo stylus- also used by Apple Geniuses have a fabric tip that’s great for typing or selecting or gaming even but not so good for writing or sketching anything more complex than a smiley face. Sock Stylus: This is a conductive fabric sock stretched over a wooden quill, sold on etsy (can google it). This stylus was light and the fabric tip over a wooden pen helped reduce drag due to it’s smooth but hard tip. In fast note taking this stylus tended to be easier on the wrist as it was less squishy than the ACase tip. However, it lacked sensitivity in some apps and I had to go over the strokes twice for them to register. Also since it’s not rubber you have to hold it at a certain angle but once you do it gives you good results. There are other fuzzy fabric styluses out there sold by small stores like the ones by the guy who has been advertising on all Mac forums as stylusrus and posting pictures of his store in competitors’ item images. They claim that they have the best yet but I haven’t tried that one yet. Rubber tips: The ACase in question (2nd Gen) has a rubber tip. Please check my uploaded pic for size comparison against some other styluses. The rubber tip looks pretty thick but is still thinner than our fingers. The problem is that it does block the view when writing or sketching just like our finger. This 2nd gen ACase tries to eliminate some of that by creating a longer stylus than most others like Targus, Boxwave, Pogo and even 1st gen ACase styluses. The rubber tip is also thinner and longer like a pen to block less view. All good design choices. Unfortunately it fails to deliver when compared to some others. If you’ve only tried the El Cheapos from eBay etc or even from Amazon this is definitely a step up but falls behind the Targus and Boxwave. The longer stem is lighter and feels hollow and does not have the good weight of the 2-in-1 ACase that I tested. The longer rubber tip seems like a good solution until you try to use it on the iPad. I tested a Targus, ACase 2-in-1 and ACase 2nd gen in conjunction on Penultimate and UPad writing apps on iPad and also on Sketchbook Pro. I also used it for general tapping to select mail and do other tasks on iPad along with the rest. It failed to deliver as well as the others all counts. The rubber tip had to be angled a certain way to write and it kept missing strokes, if you pressed harder it delivered but the thinner rubber tip felt squishy and unnatural inducing writers’ cramp. If you have to worry about the angle you’re holding it at all times it’s certainly not a natural process of writing. I took off the cord that attaches it to the headphone jack immediately as it makes an annoying jingling noise when you use the stylus. As a workaround I took off the metal spring hook that attaches the cord to the top of the stylus and tied the cord back on using some sturdy black thread which made it quieter. Using ACase 2nd gen on an iPhone 4: For the iPad 2 I did not find it the best stylus to use, but when using on a smaller screen like an iPhone 4 it allowed me to select those small type links or buttons more precisely simply because the tip is thinner and allowed me to see better, rather than the hit and pray when using the finger. So if you’re primarily going to use the stylus for tapping on a smartphone rather than sketching or writing this stylus is a good choice. The ACase 2-in-1 was much better, . The weight was right and it felt balanced in the hand. The tip was more responsive when writing or sketching perhaps due to larger surface area in contact with the screen. However, I still prefer the Targus overall for writing on iPad 2 as it is the most responsive of all and has a matte finish stem rather than ACase’s smooth finish which makes it a little less slippery to hold. The iPad 2 is already so slinky, I don’t want to worry about dropping the stylus too!! I’ve also heard

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