Two-Day Discount on Productivity Apps (Scanner Pro, PDF Expert, and more)

Just a quick heads up that you can get some good deals on productivity apps by Readdle over the next two days (its their birthday). Readdle apps receive consistently high ratings in the Appstore, so you can get quality apps for bargain prices here.

Readdle Discounts

Up to 70% off on productivity apps by Readdle. I got Scanner Pro for myself in order to better integrate my analog and digital workflows.


PDF Expert (50% off, iTunes link) is a PDF reading and annotation app that falls under the All-Around Reader category in my guide to annotating PDFs on the iPad. I haven’t tried it myself, but it seems to do the usual annotation things plus some form filling and signature action.


Integrate your analog and digital workflows

Scanner Pro (70% off, iTunes link) is an app that transform your iPhone or new iPad into a scanner. Its true, you could do that without this app, for example by uploading an image to your Evernote account. However, I have been on the hunt for a scanning app for quite a while, so I grabbed this.

The benefit of a dedicated Scanner app is that it helps you to take good pictures for the scan. For example, instead of taking the picture right the moment when you press the shutter button, it will wait until you are holding still. The result is a much better scan, because you avoid the micro-movements the phone does when pressing the shutter.

Scanner Pro looks good in my first tests. It is simple to use, has some basic contrast and brightness correction, and can share the resulting PDF file via Dropbox, Evernote, or via iCloud with other iOS devices. Sadly, it does not have OCR or a Mac companion app (like Prizmo does).

Scanner Pro seems like a decent app for better integrating your analog life with your digital workflow. For example, it helps you to digitalize white boards for your class, or it saves you the run to the photocopier in the library (you can scan multiple pages of a book or document with Scanner Pro). If this sounds interesting, then Scanner Pro might be a nice addition to your toolbox, especially at the discounted price.

There are other apps for note taking, calendar, file management, printing, and Shakespear buffs. I haven’t tried any of these, but maybe they fit your bill. You can find an overview of them on Readdle’s site.
Disclaimer: All images by academiPad.

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  1. EGood says:

    has anyone tried writepdf?
    couldn’t decide between that and pdf expert
    but got writepdf in the end and don’t regret the choice of app for my ipad

  2. Roy says:

    Thanks Jo – I downloaded both PDF Expert and I think they need to free rather than half price. I just spent 2 hours of my time including contacting support trying to get them to go with no joy at all. No joy on a refund request as yet so please beware

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