Paper Clips: A Low-Tech Writing Hack for your Outdoor Office

In the summer I am really enjoying working outside. The iPad is really good for that, as long as you find a nice spot in the shade. While reading is obviously not a big problem, writing on your iPad outside is a little trickier.

I have already talked about the virtues of the iPad as a writing machine and suggested some keyboard cases that fit your writing style. This short post is considerably more low-tec, but it tackles an important issue nonetheless: the digital-analog workflow interface.

Although I am starting to use a stylus for playing around with conceptual maps, much of my prep for writing sessions is still done on paper. I therefore rarely leave the house without my trusted paper notebook in the bag.

Now, I am fortunate to live in Kingston, the Freshwater Sailing Capital of the world. We hosted the regattas during the Montreal Olympic Games here (well, they did, since I wasn’t in Canada then, and neither was I even born), which shall prove to you that we are enjoying some good winds around here. That is awesome for sailing, but not so good when you are trying to write out the notes you have on paper. I know, first world problems, but hey…


Writing in the wind

So what do you do if you are taking your iPad and Moleskin for a writing session at the lake? Never leave without paper clips. This is how the analog part of my outdoor office setup looks like:

paper clips for writing outside

Paper clips are essential low-tech equipment for every outdoor writing session.

I know, really low-tech, but also really worth remembering and posting about.

What are your outdoor office tricks and hacks? How do you keep your ice coffee cold? What other tools and equipment do you use? If you like, please share your ideas in the comment section.
Disclaimer: All images by academiPad.

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