Looking for a stylish iPad case? Check out these 9 beauties!

The iPad’s sleek design is one of the main reason why I am so fond of this particular tablet. I simply enjoy a beautiful design, and I always found that a stylish iPad case can add, not distract, to the overall iPad experience. This post is a running list of beautiful iPad cases that I find around the web.

TwelveSouth BookBook iPad case

Before I indulge you with my favourite iPad case designs, let me just quickly address a few points:

  • Do you need an iPad case? No, certainly not. Even if you are concerned about scratches when carrying around the iPad, a sleeve is in many cases a more economical solution that can be just as stylish. A really good place to look for unique and stylish iPad sleeves is etsy.
  • Shouldn’t you buy a smart cover or smart case from Apple? Not necessarily. In my opinion, Apple makes great hardware and software, but Apple is not an accessory company. There are plenty of more stylish (and more durable and functional) alternatives out there.
  • Do I recommend all cases in this post? I can’t. I only recommend things that I have tried out personally, and many of the cases are on this list because I would like to try them out. This post is more my personal wish list.

If you ask me for a recommendation: I personally use a Spigen leather case for my current iPad, and once I upgrade to a new iPad, I will highly consider the Spigen SGP Leinwand Leather case to carry it around (the first in this list). More likely though I will opt for a keyboard case such as the Adonit Writer Plus (the last one in this list), just because I want to use the iPad for extended writing projects.


Stylish iPad Case Gallery


SPIGEN SGP SGP09162 Leinwand Leather Case for The New iPad

Spigen SGP Leinwand leather case: Based on my experience with a previous version of this case, I can highly recommend this iPad case. Its a beautiful blend of high-tech and vintage feel. I especially like how this case does not hide away the iPad in a pocket but leaves the shorter edges exposed. Plus: The vintage look is just getting better with age.


The Twelve South BookBook iPad case seems to be made for scholars – especially if you are in the humanities or have any other reason to dig around in the compact shelf section of your library. This iPad case bridges the gap between the old and the new in an incredibly ingenious way, and when closed it may also keep your iPad out of the eyes of those who would like to have one but don’t want to spend money on getting one – capiche?


Spigen SGP Hardbook

The Spigen SGP Hardbook is a good alternative when you are less into vintage leather and more into a moleskin kind of design. This iPad case also leaves the shorter edges exposed, which gives this case a minimalist appearance.


You are looking for something more colourful? Check out the Speck Fitfolio iPad Case. It comes in multiple colours and patterns to give your iPad a playful, individualistic look.


JAVOedge Axis Case

The JAVOedge Axis iPad Case earns points both for style and function. You can choose from different patterns and colours to match the case to your style. More important, however, is that this case lets you also put your iPad into portrait mode. Why is that important? When you write with an external keyboard, for example. Writing in portrait mode is much easier on the eyes, because they don’t have to move around so much.


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Dodo Case

I wrestled with myself whether or not to include the DODO Case here. On the one hand side, it is a really stylish iPad case that closely mimics the moleskin style, and it comes in a variety of colours and patterns. On the other hand, it adds some bulk to the iPad. Most importantly, however, is a word of caution: I bought a Dodo case as a present, but just a few months later a corner was breaking off. Replacement was a non-issue (good service), but after another year of use, 1.5 corners are gone again. Maybe thats just bad luck, I do hope so, because the feel of this iPad case is really nice.


PQ Contega

The Pad and Quill Contega case is very similar to the Dodo Case, except that it comes with some added functionality such as folds to use it as a stand and an extra pocket for paper. However, it is also quite a bit more expensive than the Dodo case.


Elago Note Leather cover

The elago Note Leather Cover is a great choice for people who like to switch fluently between digital and analogue notes. I also like the minimalist holding mechanism on the left side, which would also make it easy to take out the iPad to capture your handwritten notes via the integrated camera.


Adonit Writer Plus

The Adonit Writer Plus is my favourite keyboard iPad case. It is universally praised for its near Apple style keyboard and its overall clever design. I especially like that the keyboard is detachable: This allows you a more ergonomic setup, for example by propping up the iPad on a couple of books to have it on eye level while typing. Keyboard cases are really a good idea if you want to write a lot on the iPad. Check out more keyboard cases here.


I hope that you like these cases as much as I do. Since the prices of these things are constantly on the move (be sure to check for discounts!), I decided to not give any price details. As a rule of thumb: Non-leather iPad cases posted here are in the range of $40 to $60, and leather / keyboard cases can go up to $80-100. That’s roughly around the prices for Apple’s smart cover of the same material, but you get a lot of added style.

And functionality! If you are planning to type a lot on the iPad, Adonit’s Writer Plus is definitely a good choice. To learn more about keyboard cases, I recommend to check out these post on why the iPad can be your ultimate writing machine and how to select a keyboard case that fits with your own writing style.

In addition, you might also find other academiPad articles about screen protectors (spoiler alert: don’t get one!) and styluses for handwriting helpful.

Is your favourite iPad case missing? Please let us know in the comments! And as always: Please share this post if you liked it :)


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links.

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  1. philosophus says:

    Nice collection of iPad cases. There is one company that is sorely missed in this assembly: Portenzo make fine iPad cases (handcrafted!). They are not exactly cheap, but very well made – especially their leather editions (Alano). I discuss one of their cases in detail on my homepage (sadly, its german only): http://philosophus.de/home/handwerk-hat-ledernen-boden-das-alano-ipad-case-von-portenzo/

    • Jo says:

      Sieht ja sehr edel aus! Du hast aber recht: mit $159 nicht das billigste. Ich finds ja stylish, aber mehr als die $100 wollte ich hier nicht reinschreiben. Danke für den Hinweis, allerdings!

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