Hi there, and thanks for visiting my blog!

My name is Joachim Scholz, but most people call me Jo (as in yo whazzup!?). I am a PhD student in Marketing at Queen’s University, Canada. My research interests are how humans’ perceptions of nature relate to their consumption and how people use consumption to construct themselves as individuals and community members. Please visit my homepage for more info about my research.

I created this blog because I really enjoy how technology, especially the iPad and all the other tablet computers, can be an incredible helpful tools in academia. I got my iPad at day one (in Canada) and found myself since then discussing uses, apps, and accessories for it. So I thought why not going public with this and write a blog how the iPad and other gadgets can contribute to our research, teaching, and learning.

What you will find on this blog are discussions, reviews and information how you can use your iPad in academia. While there are probably by now a ton of iPad blogs out there, I hope that my focus on organizing, idea management, reading, conceptualizing, and writing will address the sometimes very specific needs you have as a researcher or as a student in higher education (check out the education category in the app store, and you will know what I am talking about). In addition to the iPad, I will also discuss great uses of other gadgets like the iPhone and Macs. Last, and because being in academia is a lifestyle choice, I will mention a few non-work related apps that I like.

Of course, everything you will read on this blog is mentioned here because I like it. Everybody’s workflow is different, but maybe some things works for you as well. What you can be always sure about is that nothing is mentioned here because somebody pays me for doing it. I bought all apps and accessories that are mentioned here by myself, unless stated otherwise.

Please come by often, subscribe to this blog via email or RSS, write comments, and drop me a note. If you see anything interesting you would like to see here, just let me know!