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Why would you join academiPad’s free email or RSS feed? Because it is the right thing to do! Oh, you are the scholarly type who is rational and needs objective reasons? I see… Well, here are 6 good reason why you should follow academiPad’s free updates:


1. Save time: Get updates automatically

At whatever stage you are in academia, chances are that time is your scarcest resource. So instead of checking the webpage for update every hour, just get notified when new content is available. The latest posts will be automatically delivered to your email inbox or RSS reader.

You can read new posts at your convenience, skip them if the topic doesn’t interest you, star and instapaper them for later reading, or forward them to a colleague or peer.

Especially the email feed works by the “set it and forget about it!” principle. You will never miss a post, and you can use your time more efficiently to get your research, teaching, and studying done.


2. academiPad is devoted to people in Higher Ed

Are you tired of reading blog posts that praise games about enraged, feathered vertebrates? Do you wonder where all the good apps are for people in higher education?

academiPad is one of the very few blogs that specifically caters to the needs of researchers, students and educators. The articles published on academiPad are written by your peers, who are always on the hunt for the best apps and workflows to excel at their research, teaching and learning. They know what apps and workflows work well in academia, because they are professors and students themselves.


3. Boost your productivity

This blog offers you a wealth of information on how to get the most out of your gadgets and the web. academiPad tackles core issues in academia such as Reading and Annotating, Writing, and Information Management workflows. It picks up the newest ideas of how you can use technology on both sides of the class room, and it boosts your productivity by discussing how you can integrate all your devices into a seamless workflow.

While Einstein only had pencils, paper and thought experiments to change the world, academics in the twenty-first century have a lot more tools to play with. I am not saying that reading academiPad will make you the next Einstein, but it will help you to stay on top of the ever-accelerating changes in higher education.



4. Impress colleagues and advisors

Let’s face it: you are probably a huge nerd. So embrace it! Instead of pretending you know anything about such obscure sports like football, hockey, or football (yeah, the other one), just talk iPad. Share the workflows and apps you picked up on academiPad with your colleagues, peers, and advisors. Most likely they are nerds as well, and they will like you more once you stopped pretending you know who David Beckham is.

If you are a student, reciprocate your advisor’s or mentor’s help and pep talk with some tech talk. And if you are a professor or educator, don’t assume that all of your students are the “digital natives” they are said or claim to be. Share your workflows and best practices, and do it often!

I have made one or more friends on each conference I have been to since 2010 by simply having a good iPad chat.


5. Save money: Find the best apps and accessories

What is wrong with the Appstore? You rarely can try before you buy! And good apps are expensive…

academiPad brings you in-depth reviews that will let you make an informed decision which apps are worth their salt. Is Sente or Papers the better reference management app for you? academiPad has you covered by bringing you a level of detail that you won’t find anywhere else!

You can also find out about great accessories on academiPad – and what “must have” accessories you don’t need. academiPad only recommends useful and stylish accessories that will make using your gadgets more productive, healthier and more fun.

And time is money: Don’t waste your time searching forever on the web. Read academiPad, and then go straight back to your research!


6. No Risk

academiPad is free and will stay free. I will never sell, barter, rent, or share your email address or any other information with any third party. You can read more about academiPad’s Privacy Policy here.

Joining academiPad’s free updates is totally risk free. You can get off the mailing list any time with two clicks – no hassle and no worry on your part. So go ahead and give it a shot, and then unsubscribe if you don’t enjoy it.



Sounds good? I hope that you will enjoy academiPad – even after this immense sales pitch! If you have any questions or want to chat, please feel free to contact me at any time.

See you around…

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