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academiPad is run by academics for academics. It is a place to share how you can make the most of your iPad, Mac, iPhone and the web in research, teaching and learning. In contrast to most information you find on the web, articles on academiPad are in-depth and based on first-hand experience. It is a great fun to write them, even if it takes forever.

If you think academiPad is doing a good job, please take anything between 5 seconds and 5 minutes to help spreading the word. I know time is a scarce resource, especially in academia, but think of all the time you are saving through polishing up your workflows :-)

You can spread the word in all kinds of ways, but here are seven ideas:


If you have 5 seconds

  • Share a link to an article with your colleagues and peers via facebook, twitter, email, or a good old fashioned faculty / group meeting. The sharing buttons at the side and end of each post make this super easy.
  • Use the “Get free updates!” box on the right to do exactly that, and to show your support for academiPad by liking the overall blog on facebook and google. You can also follow academiPad on twitter and retweet the tweets that you like.
  • Check out academiPad’s facebook page, pinterest board and content curation board to engage with the community and to get even more inspiration and suggestions on how to boost your workflow.


If you have a minute

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If you have 5 minutes (and a heart of gold)

  • Suggest the IT service, Technology Center, Library, or Center for Teaching and Learning at your university to link to as a resource. (Its easy, there is an email template below).


Your help is greatly appreciated; it is what keeps me going (together with comments).

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, you can get in touch with me here.

Thank you very much!



Email template for recommending academiPad as a resource

Listing academiPad as a resource at your university is one of the best ways to spread the word, because it is at these places where many people are looking for news and help in their digital workflows.

All you need to do is to find a list of resources that is already offered by your university. This could be in the form of a webpage or a newsletter. Good places to look for these things are the IT Service, Technology Center, Library, Center for Teaching and Learning, or similar departments.

Once you have located a list of resources, simply contact the admin / head of the department to add academiPad to the list. You can copy and paste the following text for this:


Subject: Adding academiPad to your list of resources


I would like to draw your attention to academiPad (

academiPad is a blog for sharing ideas on how to use the iPad, Mac, and iPhone in research, teaching, and learning. Articles on the blog discuss workflows and apps for reading and annotating PDFs, conceptualizing ideas, managing information and files, productivity, presenting, writing, and much more. academiPad is completely free to use.

Given that more and more professors and students are using iPads and Macs, I am sure that academiPad will be deemed helpful by many members of our community.

For this reason, I recommend listing academiPad ( as a resource for research, teaching, and learning on your website and/or newsletter.

If you have further questions about academiPad, you can contact Joachim Scholz (at He founded academiPad, and he will be happy to tell you everything you want to know about it.


[Your name]


That’s all, you are done. Thank you very much!