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academiPad is a place for sharing ideas how to use iPad, Mac and the web for research, teaching and learning. If you have a great idea, why not writing a guest post about it?

“Knowledge is not divided by sharing, but multiplied and enriched.”

A guest post can be about an iPad, Mac or web app that you use all the time, some tweak or hack you find useful, a workflow that you have developed over time, or a strategy, process or tool that helps you in your research, teaching or learning. Maybe your guest posts solves a common problem we face in Higher Education, or you are offering some stimulating thoughts about the role of technology in your field.

You can even write about Windows! I am often asked how one can integrate the iPad with Windows. I don’t know, so help me out.


What makes a good guest author post?

Your guest post can be a short note about a simple idea, or it can be a long, in-depth article. Hey, maybe you are on fire and write a whole series of post? In either case: talk to me.

Whether you are a seasoned professor or a first-year student, your unique perspective will enhance academiPad and benefit all academiPad readers. Every voice is welcome, but there are a few ground rules in order to ensure that articles on academiPad continue to be counted among the best on the web:

  • Your guest post has to be relevant for people in Higher Education (e.g., students, professors, administrators). You can check out the current categories (e.g., Conceptualizing Ideas, Info Management, Presenting, Productivity, Reading and Annotating, Security and Backup, Teaching and Learning, Writing) in order to get an idea what topics fit with academiPad.
  • Your guest post has to be original content (minimum 300 words) that is well structured and well written. All links provided in the body of the post have to advance the content of the post. academiPad publishes high quality content only.
  • Beside your own blog or webpage (cross-posting there is fine), your guest post on academiPad must not be published anywhere else.
  • Your guest post should be based on own experience and should be free from bias. If you are discussing apps, products or services in your guest posts, you must not be affiliated with these apps, products or services in any way. You cannot promote your own app.
  • I reserve the right to edit all aspects of your post.


Sharing is caring… and rewarding

Publishing a guest post on academiPad is a great way of joining a discussion of like-minded tech-nerds and of giving back to the academic community. Your guest post will be seen by thousands of people, and you will feel good about sharing your knowledge and helping others with your tips and advice.

In addition, guest authoring on academiPad has the following benefits:

  • Build your network: All guest authors are introduced with a short bio describing their research interests, twitter / facebook / blog addresses, and other information you are comfortable displaying online. Readers of your guest posts might add you (and your twitter and blog feed) to their social network if they are interested in your work.
  • Gain skills and expertise: Build additional expertise that will help you throughout your career. For example, become the expert for all teaching related posts on academiPad, and in the process become a superb, tech-savvy lecturer that is praised by employers and students alike.
  • Sharpen your writing skills: Writing a post on a topic you like gets your creative juices flowing for tackling your dissertation or the next journal article. And like any other thing, writing improves with practices: You can find your own voice, work on your style, and get into the habit of writing. And the best thing is: On academiPad, you are writing for a real audience from day one.
  • Improve your workflow: Its like back in college when you explained calculus or stats to your friends and finally understood it yourself. Reflecting on the workflow or process you want to introduce in your guest post will make you realize where you can further improve it.
  • Improve your online visibility: academiPad links to the personal and/or research webpage of every guest author with two Do-Follow links. This will improve your rating with search engines (e.g., google), so that it will be easier for people to find out about your research.


Get in touch

If you are interested in writing a guest post for academiPad, please contact me with a brief abstract of your idea for a guest post or a fully written guest post (don’t forget to attribute any pictures and videos to their original source). Please include a short bio (40 to 70 words, including networking information) that introduces you (and your research) to academiPad readers.

I am looking forward to receiving your ideas!