Seven simple tricks to impressively speed up slow iPads

Remember the day when you took your iPad out of its box for the first time? How fast it ran? How snappy it was? Yeah, those were the days. For me, these days are long over; I am still rocking a first gen iPad that is getting a little old after more than three years of great use. But why upgrade when it still works? In this post, I am sharing 7 simple tricks how you can speed up your iPad (and iPhone) to squeeze some more life out of it.

I am not pretending that this will make your old iPad act like a new one. There are some physical limits on what an older model can do. But I can tell you this: These seven tricks transformed my iPad from “a pain to use” to “reasonably fast”. In my books, this is a huge win, because I am able to wait out another entire iPad generation before upgrading.

I know what you are thinking: You have seen posts like this before, so how is this one different? Well, because I actually took the time and researched it. And guess what: what most people will tell you about how to speed up your iPad – closing apps and rebooting the device – will in most cases not help a bit. [Read more…]

Android vs. iPad: What platform will be the long-term winner?

Is the Nexus 10 Android tablet killing the iPad 4?Once upon a time, one tablet ruled over the post-PC world, and this tablet was called iPad. Competing Android tablets soon entered the market, but an “iPad Killer” was nowhere to be found. Life was simple.

However, three years after the first iPad has been unveiled, the tablet world is rapidly shifting. Microsoft entered the market with its Surface tablets, and Android powered devices such as Google’s Nexus 10 lure consumers with better hardware specs than the mother of all tablets – the iPad.

There are several detailed reviews out there that compare the iPad 4 with Google’s Nexus 10 Android tablet (see here and here), and all conclude that the Nexus is the closest competitor to the iPad. In many hardware specs, including screen resolution, the Nexus indeed outperforms the iPad! Maybe it makes you wonder: Is the iPad still the best choice for you? Maybe you can save some dollars by going for a less expensive Android tablet? (I willfully ignore the new Windows tablet for now, whose initial sales and reception were quite a disappointment.)

The “Android vs. iPad” decision is a tough call because of its long-term consequences: I don’t know about you, but I rather build and fine-tune my computing workflow only once. And the situation is even trickier when not only your own time and dollars are on the line, but when you are trying to decide what platform should be adopted for a school-wide tablet program.

I don’t pretend to have the answer here. I don’t even have an unbiased opinion, since my own workflow is heavily based on Apple’s ecosystem: I sync between my iPad and my Mac when annotating papers, organizing my tasks and notes, conceptualizing ideas, and I use all kinds of helpful iPad apps in my research and studies.

See, I am a big advocate of integrating tablets with traditional computers, which gives me a somewhat different perspective on the iPad vs. Android debate: Hardware specs are less important than you think – its the ecosystem that is all important! [Read more…]

Retina display MacBook Pro and other goodies from WWDC

Retina display MacBook ProYesterday’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote saw a flurry of updates, as Apple unveiled changes in its entire MacBook lineup and showcased new features in the upcoming versions of Mac OS and iOS. You can watch the entire keynote online on Apple’s webpage, but just in case you should have better things to do with your time, here are a few highlights:


A new MacBook Pro with Retina display

Apple updated its entire notebook line during yesterday’s event. While the MacBook Airs and the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pros saw minor updates on their specs (the 17 inch MacBook Pro was quietly cancelled), Apple’s new 15 inch Retina display MacBook Pro certainly stole the show. For about $2200, you can give your Mac the Retina display treatment and enjoy crisp clear text and photos. Yep, that is 400 bucks more, so what do you get for that? [Read more…]

The new iPad: Gorgeous Retina Display, but disturbing heat issue

How bad are the heat issues of the new iPad?Boy was I excited about the new iPad! Judging from its specs, it seemed to me the best iPad yet for academics, and so I went ahead and ordered one. However, the heat issue cooled of my excitement considerably. The Retina Display and the new camera perform well, pretty much as expected. What I didn’t expect, and what nobody really saw coming until the first units arrived at people’s doorsteps, was that the new iPad runs considerably warmer than its predecessors.

At least for me, the heat is an issue, and this is why I am returning my new iPad. In the rest of this post, I am discussing the pros and cons of the new iPad in more detail. Hopefully this helps you to decide whether buying one now is worth it for you, or whether you want to sit this one out. [Read more…]

The new iPad: What size and model should you buy?

The new iPadAre you thinking of buying an iPad? That is great, what size and model is it going to be? Right now, you can spend anywhere in between $399 and $829 (US prices) on a brand new iPad, and you can shave off some additional dollars if you buy refurbished or previously enjoyed. Picking wisely what you need can therefore save you some great deal of money.

So here is what you do: Go get yourself a third-generation iPad WiFi 32 GB White without any extras. Just kidding, this is what I am getting. Only you know what iPad configuration is best for you; however, in this post I will discuss the merits of 4G, reflect on storage size, and tell you about my “Apps and Music Diet” that allows me to drop from a 64 GB to a 32 GB iPad.

[Read more…]

The new iPad: A perfect fit for research, teaching and learning?

new iPadApple announced the new iPad today, and it might be the best iPad ever for research, teaching and learning. Especially two features will make the iPad even more useful and popular among researchers and college students: the Retina Display and the 5-megapixel iSight camera. Read on for more details on how these two features will improve your academic workflow. [Read more…]