Being a Blogger for 12 Months: A Festschrift in Honour of academiPad

It has been exactly one academic year since academiPad was reborn in January 2012. On the last Sunday before university would pick up again after the holidays, I finally put a New Year’s resolution into practice: I started blogging.

Just about ten days earlier I realized that, being a PhD student in Marketing, I really had no excuse not to participate in this global phenomenon that so radically is reshaping consumption and marketing alike. Maybe ten years ago, it was permissible to procrastinate watching TV – after all, you had to keep in touch with advertising in order to inform your studies in marketing! But when was the last time you watched a full block of commercials? Me too. Today, in order to stay on top of what is happening in marketing, you have to participate in the creation and curation of content, in the exchange of ideas, in word of mouth, in the chatter of social media, and even in the modest gains of affiliate marketing. As a PhD student in marketing, you have to be a blogger. [Read more…]

How to Find Discounted and Free Apps that Don’t Suck

LATEST DISCOUNT: $399 Mac Apps bundle for about 8 bucks, Papers for iOS ($15 to $10), Reeder for iPad ($5 to free) and Reeder for Mac ($5 to free).

academiPad’s mission is to share ideas about how to use iPad, Mac and the web for research, teaching and learning… and to save you time and money by showing you the best discounted and free apps for iPad, iPhone and Mac.

New technology is fundamentally changing the ways in which we teach and learn, how we collaborate with colleagues and peers, and how we appropriate, communicate and share information. And there is no shortage on apps out there in Apple’s app stores and the web that help us to increase our productivity and efficiency. But what are the good ones?

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Save time and money with academiPad

Discounted and free appsacademiPad is your guide to the best workflows and apps. Its articles and reviews are a helpful resource to overcome two of the biggest disadvantages of a rapidly growing app marketplace: There are often too many apps to choose from, and few apps can be tried out before buying.

academiPad saves you time and money, but you can save even more cash by checking out

AppShopper tracks price changes for all iPad, iPhone and Mac apps. These changes occur more frequent than you might think: Some developers repeatedly discount their apps for a couple of days or even weeks in order to improve their position in the app store rankings. Sometimes, paid apps are even made free for a few days, which is the ultimate bargain. [Read more…]

academiPad has a brand new design

academiPad got a brand new design which makes finding new ways of how to use your favorite gadgets in research teaching and learning much easier. The biggest changes you will notice right away are in the design of the homepage. But it’s more than just the layout that changed: academiPad also got a new menu structure and other improvements under the hood that will greatly enhance the reading experience. [Read more…]

academiPad is back online


academiPad was broken, but now it is back online

academiPad was broken for the last two days, but now it is back online.

Switching the site over to came with some hick-ups. The RSS feed might be broken for you, so please set up the RSS feed again if you are experiencing troubles.

Also, the email subscriptions didn’t carry over from the old host, so please subscribe to academiPad via email again. You can do that on the right hand side of the main page. I apologize for the extra effort.

The good news is: you can now also reach this site at

Thank you for your patience!

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Poll: What would you like to read about?

The mission of academiPad is to share ideas about how the iPad, Mac and iPhone can be used in research, teaching and learning. But what do you crave most? What  information would you like to see on academiPad? Pick your favourites from the list below (as many as you like – no need to be a scrooge)!


Do you want to see something in particular? Let me know in the comments!

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academiPad has moved in with me!

Wow, it has been a crazy ride so far! Re-launched academiPad is only 17 days old and is growing steadily. So it was time to take the little blog out of its foster home called and give it its own room here on my homepage.

From today on, you can read the latest tips on how to use your iPad, Mac and iPhone in research, teaching and learning at So whether you are a university professor or a college student, check out academiPad often to get the most out of your gadgets!

But knock loudly – academiPad likes to listen to music on its headphones while researching and studying…

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