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Why would you join academiPad’s free email or RSS feed? Because it is the right thing to do! Oh, you are the scholarly type who is rational and needs objective reasons? I see… Well, here are 6 good reason why you should follow academiPad’s free updates:


1. Save time: Get updates automatically

At whatever stage you are in academia, chances are that time is your scarcest resource. So instead of checking the webpage for update every hour, just get notified when new content is available. The latest posts will be automatically delivered to your email inbox or RSS reader.

You can read new posts at your convenience, skip them if the topic doesn’t interest you, star and instapaper them for later reading, or forward them to a colleague or peer.

Especially the email feed works by the “set it and forget about it!” principle. You will never miss a post, and you can use your time more efficiently to get your research, teaching, and studying done.


2. academiPad is devoted to people in Higher Ed

Are you tired reading blog posts that praise games about enraged, feathered vertebrates? Do you wonder where all the good apps are for people in higher education? [Read more…]