Bluetooth Manager: Another great tool that wasn’t around for very long [update: pulled]

Do you remember Bluetooth On/Off academiPad wrote about two weeks ago? The app that lets you switch your BT status on the iPhone and iPad on or off with only one click, instead of digging three levels deep into the setting menu? Yeah, that app is gone. Apple pulled it finally, as everybody expected it due to its use of private APIs and the violation of Apple’s rule that no app shall switch off bluetooth. But you must not worry: Bluetooth On/Off still works, and there is already a new app out for those who missed it: Bluetooth Manager [Read more…]

Shortcut to turn bluetooth on/off on iPad and iPhone [update: pulled]

Bluetooth OnOffIf you are using an external keyboard, a bluetooth loudspeaker, or any other BT device with your iPad or iPhone, you might be familiar with the routine of frequently switching bluetooth on and off (e.g., to preserve battery). Unfortunately, the settings for doing this are a little bit tucked away under “General Settings”, which makes the whole routine more complicated than it should be. If you think there should be an easier way, Bluetooth OnOff ($1, universal app, iTunes link) might be a good app for you. [Read more…]