Connect your thoughts with popplet

I think popplet was the first app I downloaded on my iPad. It did not disappoint, so it is only fair enough that it is also the first app I am blogging about. Having said this, I am nevertheless more excited about what this app might be able to do in future than it is able to do now. Popplet is – in a nutshell – all about conceptualizing your thoughts. In contrast to do this through a notebook or mind mapping app (more about this later), the good thing about popplet is that it gives you a reasonable degree of freedom in putting your thoughts down. You start with a blank canvas and an empty popplet (a rectangular box) in the center. From there, you add text, pictures, and free drawings to the box. You can also decide to change the size or the color of the popplet. And, of course, you can connect your popplets with one another. [Read more…]