academiPad is Joachim’s blog on digital scholarship. In this blog, he discusses how to use iPad, Mac and the web in research, teaching and learning. You can access academiPad here.

Joachim started the academiPad blog out of an interest in new (communication) technologies. As a researcher and educator, it is vitally important to stay up to date with the latest technologies and how they can improve our productivity in research and teaching workflows, and how we can disseminate our research.

Especially for scholars in marketing, participating in the blogosphere is also an important learning experience. Just ten years ago, it was possible to “participate” in marketing as a consumer who learns about products in advertisements and consumes products in his social and communal settings. Today, marketing is drastically changing through the rise of new communication technologies and the mass phenomenon of co-producing “pro-sumers”.

academiPad is Joachim’s way of participating in the blogging culture: as a service to the broader research and education community, as a learning experience to gain additional skills, and as a practice that informs his teaching and research.