Joachim ScholzJoachim (Jo) Scholz received his PhD in Marketing from Queen’s School of Business in January 2014. His research focuses on the relationship between humans and nature as a basis for understanding sustainable consumption. In particular, he explores how consumers’ relationship with nature is shaped by conflicting discourses of nature as well as by material forces of nature. By exploring “nature agency” in the context of sustainable consumption, and also “object agency” in the context of consumption communities, Joachim’s research contributes to the emerging “Material Turn” in consumer research.

His research has been presented at international conferences including the Association for Consumer Research conference, the Consumer Culture Theory conference, and the Society of Consumer Psychology conference. The results of Joachim’s first exploration of the human/nature relationship – how the romantic ideal of living in harmony with nature is discursively constructed in advertisements – is forthcoming in the 2012 volume of Research in Consumer Behavior. Joachim has won numerous awards for his work, including the prestigious ACR/Sheth Foundation Dissertation Award and several awards and research fundings from Queen’s University and its affiliated institutions. In 2007, Joachim was awarded the M.Sc. Prize in Economic and Consumer Psychology for his performance during his Master studies at the University of Exeter, UK.

Joachim’s teaching experience includes teaching fellowships for Consumer Behavior and Integrated Marketing Communications courses. He has also given several guest lectures in Introduction to Marketing classes and collected teaching experience through facilitating several workshops on digital scholarship and information management every year since 2009. Outside academia, Joachim has taught Judo for over 12 years in both English and German.

Joachim is an active contributor to the Queen’s and wider research community. He has served on three university-wide committees and acted as a reviewer for the Association for Consumer Research and the Consumer Culture Theory conference. He also served as a trainee reviewer in two separate submissions to the Journal of Consumer Research.

As a contribution to the wider academic community, Joachim has founded the academiPad blog on how to use iPad, Mac and the web in research, teaching and learning. Blogging for academiPad also informs his teaching by providing him with first-hand experience of how social media and new technologies shape marketing dynamics.


Download Joachim’s CV here.